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July 24th
10:38 pm

CLAIRVOYANCE IS A PRETTY WORD. Life recently: as told by pictures…summer fashion, gaining weight and gaining tans and selfies woooooo

"maybe I can get out of this cycle of just living & dying." - important words told to me by an important person around 8 am this past tuesday morning. I am eternally grateful.

July 24th
9:40 am

The truth

I don’t think you can ever know a person completely. The most you can do is be attentive and try to understand their behavior to get a feel for how they act, but behavior can be volatile too. Yesterday night I had an enlightening conversation with a dishwasher about Freud vs. Jung, socialism, and the selfish inclinations that humans innately have. I said it was sad that we are all selfish, that even in our best of intentions, we still maintain some desire for personal gain.

you’ll never truly know anyone, and I think that is beautiful, not sad. It is liberating and celebrates the capacity for infinity in a person’s soul. Nothing is forever. The only promise that holds true no matter what? Change. A human’s only constant.

July 19th
8:37 pm

This will sound backwards but

Honestly life is less stressful and easy going when I don’t/didn’t eat. Being an informed consumer, as well as self reliant provider with nutritious food, is time consuming and expensive. I know all my bad vices are blatantly horrible for my health, but at least then I am choosing to live on use of, with, and by, all the highs. They say moderation is everything but I wouldn’t want that apathetic mentality to inadvertently support rich companies that maintain influence by capitalizing and exploiting other people’s health.

Health shouldn’t be a political choice…I wish surviving in a healthful fashion wasn’t so contingent upon income or environment. Seriously, I can survive faster and with less stress by not eating, but then I die quicker too. Prevention is the cheapest form of medicine, but it is no longer the sole factor when it comes to health…it all becomes so circular in how our dilemmas are connected. Such a money machine world. Blah blah social commentary from biased angry 21 year old woman blah blah.

Takes more energy to be angry. Maybe that’s why we pursue what gives us energy - so we can stay alive in order to stay angry until things change.

Accepting what is and living in denial is so much easier. Apathy is a cop out though, right? So is intentionally killing yourself.

In a time where true identity is more lost than ever before, isn’t refusing life/existence the most political or resourceful move you could make? End the cycle of being a consumer as well as enactment of a life/identity that’s been prescribed to you?

Albert Camus is right - suicide is quite the philosophical question. Where do you draw the line between ethics and utility…where do you draw the line between idealism and acceptance?

July 19th
1:53 am


People seem to always tell me I look like JoJo or Sasha Grey. I don’t know how to feel about either but they’re very beautiful women…so I am honored!

July 18th
10:05 am

Performers are magicians

You’re not only an actor or musician, you’re a magician
Don’t denounce the mysticism
Of your profession
There is a celestial degree
And required symmetry
For convincing people of make believe

July 17th
9:54 pm

life…as recently told by pictures. three cheers for a summer tan

July 13th
6:05 pm

your rising angel from the underworld

your rising angel from the underworld

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July 13th
5:57 pm

wake up

ex is locked up in prison -

being held hostage by the poverty prism.

wish more people cared, but they don’t.

wish more people shared, but they won’t.


if birds can fly, so can you & I;

we define our own sky.

all we have to do is try

then you’ll understand the reason why

birds can fly and so can both you & I.

here is to an entirely new e x t i r p a t i o n

adios to that old flying excuse or its explanation.

you’re using postcards as formal resignation,

postmarked by fate and the stars’ constellation(s).  

July 10th
2:35 pm

life recently: as told by pictures

July 10th
2:21 pm

July 2nd
10:12 am


circa december 2012


circa december 2012

June 28th
7:23 pm

If you’re trying to determine how to spend this 4th of July…

If you’re trying to determine how to spend this 4th of July…

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June 27th
1:11 pm

June 27th
11:59 am

southern california is a lovely place. especially when you consider all the paradises available for you to runaway to.

June 25th
1:25 pm

a daily dose of cleverness that made me smile

"Honestly Hope, I shouldn’t call you esperanza I should call you YESperanza."