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July 24th
10:38 pm

CLAIRVOYANCE IS A PRETTY WORD. Life recently: as told by pictures…summer fashion, gaining weight and gaining tans and selfies woooooo

"maybe I can get out of this cycle of just living & dying." - important words told to me by an important person around 8 am this past tuesday morning. I am eternally grateful.

July 24th
9:40 am

The truth

I don’t think you can ever know a person completely. The most you can do is be attentive and try to understand their behavior to get a feel for how they act, but behavior can be volatile too. Yesterday night I had an enlightening conversation with a dishwasher about Freud vs. Jung, socialism, and the selfish inclinations that humans innately have. I said it was sad that we are all selfish, that even in our best of intentions, we still maintain some desire for personal gain.

you’ll never truly know anyone, and I think that is beautiful, not sad. It is liberating and celebrates the capacity for infinity in a person’s soul. Nothing is forever. The only promise that holds true no matter what? Change. A human’s only constant.

July 19th
1:53 am


People seem to always tell me I look like JoJo or Sasha Grey. I don’t know how to feel about either but they’re very beautiful women…so I am honored!

July 18th
10:05 am

Performers are magicians

You’re not only an actor or musician, you’re a magician
Don’t denounce the mysticism
Of your profession
There is a celestial degree
And required symmetry
For convincing people of make believe

July 17th
9:54 pm

life…as recently told by pictures. three cheers for a summer tan

July 13th
6:05 pm

your rising angel from the underworld

your rising angel from the underworld

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July 13th
5:57 pm

wake up

ex is locked up in prison -

being held hostage by the poverty prism.

wish more people cared, but they don’t.

wish more people shared, but they won’t.


if birds can fly, so can you & I;

we define our own sky.

all we have to do is try

then you’ll understand the reason why

birds can fly and so can both you & I.

here is to an entirely new e x t i r p a t i o n

adios to that old flying excuse or its explanation.

you’re using postcards as formal resignation,

postmarked by fate and the stars’ constellation(s).  

July 10th
2:35 pm

life recently: as told by pictures

July 10th
2:21 pm

July 2nd
10:12 am


circa december 2012


circa december 2012

June 28th
7:23 pm

If you’re trying to determine how to spend this 4th of July…

If you’re trying to determine how to spend this 4th of July…

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June 27th
1:11 pm

June 27th
11:59 am

southern california is a lovely place. especially when you consider all the paradises available for you to runaway to.

June 25th
1:25 pm

a daily dose of cleverness that made me smile

"Honestly Hope, I shouldn’t call you esperanza I should call you YESperanza."

June 23rd
7:13 pm